Intelligent insurance distribution

BrightWrite is a Data Analytics platform that goes one step further. With machine learning-based price & product optimization, we increase D2C & B2B sales while mitigating your risk.

For Insurers

Our Data Analytics platform identifies contemporary digital datasets that correlate to price sensitivity and risk. Our Data Science then optimizes for yield & risk, helping you win the best Direct customers and retain & grow your B2B partnerships.

For Distributors

Maximize your sales and increase your ancillary revenue channel by integrating directly with BrightWrite or through an insurer in our partner program. Our Data Analytics platform and recommendations from our machine learning efforts means you have a trusted optimization partner.

How it works

BrightWrite's Data Analytics platform uses java script and hundreds of data enrichments. We then "science the data" and send back machine learning-based dynamic pricing and bespoke product recommendations. (For US insurers we return the rate-optimal plan for any individual). Our ML models use +400 fields that have proven correlations with risk and price sensitivity. We're bringing forth datasets that have never met the insurance value chain and we share them back with you so you can build better ratings.

After all, insurance is about partnerships.

What our partners say…

As an actuary I've been super impressed with what BrightWrite collects and how Risk Suite then shares it back. We've already found correlations with personal & browser data that we've built into our ratings models. Our B2B Underwriters are chuffed as we've improved gross premiums by 22% versus our rate card for the first launch partner. In summary I'd say BrightWrite is revolutionizing our entire analytic stack.

Geoff - Lead Actuary, Major London Insurer.